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What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a medical fitting that is positioned into the jawbone and permitted to fuse with the bone under the extent of a few months. A dental implant is a replacement for the root or roots of a tooth such as tooth roots. Dental implants are protected in the jawbone and are not visible once surgically placed.

They are used for safe crowns (the portions of teeth seen in the mouth), bridgework or dentures by a variety of means. It is made up of titanium, which is strong, lightweight, and biocompatible, which means that it is not excluded from the body. Titanium metal is used because Titanium has a special property of fusing to the bone, which is called osseointegration.

Dental Implant Types:

Basically, there are two different types of dental implants:

  • Endosteal
  • Subperiosteal

The “Subperiosteal” refers to an implant that rests on top of the jawbone under the gum tissue and “Endosteal” refers to an implant that is "in the bone." Subperiosteal implants are not in use today owing to their poor long-term results in comparison to endosteal dental implants.

For the patients whose all teeth are lost due to decay or gum disease of the lower and/or upper arch, an option is available to offer a very stable and relaxed prosthesis using a minimal number of implants. One of the such examples is "All-On-4" technique. The implants are purposefully placed in areas of good strong bone, and a thin denture prosthesis is screwed into place. The All-On-4 technique brings teeth replacement which is stable (non-removable) that give a natural look for your teeth related to the earlier traditional method of (removable) complete dentures.

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