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Against the common perception, the prevention of dental disease is merely not necessary to dental health but it also affects the overall health system of the body. Ultrasonic cleaning is the most advanced dental treatment technique in vogue that is now preferred means for treating periodontal (gum) disease. Dental treatment is just not limited only to one’s appearance and is closely related to overall systematic health. The statement can be interpreted as regular cleaning of the teeth being directly proportional to the health of the whole body.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the teeth as a special tooth-cleaning measure relives a patient from some typical dental ailments that are not possible to get rid of with the help of normal procedures. The dental problems where this treatment is exceptionally useful are dental plaque, a naturally occurring bacterial biofilm and stains developed upon a tooth surface. Dental calculus, another dental ailment occurring from a harder deposit lying both above and below the gum line also requires special treatment.

A complete dental cleaning, therefore, is required for removing plaque and other substances from the teeth. For teeth cleaning purposes, non-surgical methods like root debridement are used. Under the process, some small dental instruments are used to physically remove deposits from surfaces of teeth. With the advancement of technology now ultrasonic cleaning is more often used in comparison to manual dental tools.

What an Ultrasonic Cleaning is all about?

The ultrasonic cleaning is primarily used for removing the scaling from over the teeth and gums with the help of a tool known to be as Ultrasonic Scaler. With its help, a dentist thoroughly removes calculus from a patient’s teeth. While producing ultrasonic waves the scaler carries out a very gentle and soft cleaning without any damage to the teeth. It is very essential for the health of the roots of the tooth. The ultrasonic scaler just not cleans the teeth but also makes their surface smooth and clean. As smooth is the surface as difficult it would become for the plaque to stick on the teeth.

The technology employed behind ultrasonic scaler is the use of high vibrational energy that empathically blasts calculus making easier to remove them, merely, through, further brushing them. Additionally, it generates shock waves over the teeth breaking bacteria biofilm so that plaque and calculus can be removed easily and flushed away by a small jet of water or antibacterial mouthwash released from the top of the scaler

Ultrasonic Cleaning Scaling

Ultrasonic scalers also create shock waves that disrupt bacteria biofilms so that the plaque bacteria and calculus can be therapeutically flushed from the teeth by a small jet of water or antibacterial mouthwash which is emitted from near the top of the scaler. At the same time during ultrasonic cleaning, the stream of water helps keeps the tip of the scaler cools and is soothing in washing away the debris from the tooth under treatment. What is unique about the turbulence of the water is that it let some water to sweep into the tiny bubbles. These bubbles rupture bacteria and create a rather oxygenated environment there harmful to bacteria there.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Gum disease if not treated in time creates periodontal pockets or gum pockets that are spaces in between teeth and gums. If ignored the gums recede and start pulling away from teeth. Using an ultrasonic scaler in gum disease has the following benefits.
  • Ultrasonic scalers are highly useful in treating shallow gum pockets. In pockets more than 4 mm they are more impressive.
  • In case of frequent cleaning to control gum disease, they are comfortable and clean teeth in lesser time.
  • Having small tips and require they exert very little pressure on the teeth, hence, ensures comfortable cleaning.
  • An ultrasonic scaler use on the teeth in most of the cases is gentler. It makes frequent cleaning much easier.
  • The smaller tips of an ultrasonic scaler carry out precision cleaning below shaded nooks and crannies. Completely removes disease-causing bacteria.
  • The advanced ultrasonic dental cleaning equipment does the tasks in minimum time by the more dental plaque at once.

It is always advisable to use ultrasonic cleaning for gum diseases before it causing harm and reaching to the overall body system.


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