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Best workouts/exercises Recommended By Dentists

It is very important to take care of your health and well-being and all this is possible via exercises. In this write-up, we are discussing some exercises that will help you in targeting whole body in only a couple of minutes. It does not matter where are you as you can start from basics and improve in little time. In every exercise, there are two different variations i.e., easy and advanced. So, you have to choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Let’s start one by one –


It does not matter what your gym trainer says about exercise, you have to include squats into your workout. Squats is the best exercise for every individual which target lower body and balance. If you are new to squat then it would be a good idea to squat over a chair so that you can learn the exact technique without any issue. You just have to slow down the whole movement and try to hold the lowest squat position for about 1-2 seconds.


Pushups are one of the best bodyweight exercises that can help you in targeting chest, shoulders, and triceps. If you want to build upper body strength then go for pushups. Once you gain some strength and size in your upper body then you can easily progress to the regular variation. Push-ups do require some previous strength in your upper body so you can take help from your gym trainer.


Sit-ups are one of the most common ab exercises that we can do. If you want to target your abdominals on a whole new level then sit-ups are the best exercise for you. If you don’t have the core strength to do a complete sit-up, then just do the first part of the exercise and lift only your head and shoulders.

Glute bridges

Glute bridges
Due to constantly sitting, our body’s lower area becomes weaker and tight. Such things are often responsible for pain, discomfort and muscle imbalances. If you want to target your lower body then go for squats. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, lift one leg in the air and perform the same amount of repetitions for each leg one at a time.


plank exercise png
If you want to target the whole core at the same time then planking is the best way to do that. It is one of the most enjoyable exercises that are extremely effective as well. If holding a plank is quite difficult for you then try to do some exercise on your knees. Try to beat your time with every workout you do.

Main Workout
If you don’t know about your current condition then try to do a couple of reps of every exercise. If you can do that amount of reps without losing form, then you can easily find out about your current condition. You can try these exercises in form of rounds i.e., –

Squats – 20 repetition
Push-ups – 10 repetition
Sit-ups – 15 repetitions
Glute-bridges – 10 repetitions
Plank static hold – 30 seconds

You can change the number of repetitions as well as the number of seconds for the plank as per your ability. If you are looking for an effective and great home body workout then you should try the above exercises.

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