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Who doesn’t like to own a beautiful smile? We are pretty sure everyone does. Your smile is one of the most noticed and main facial features that enhance personality. Healthy teeth and a beautiful smile simply implies good oral and physical health.     

Nowadays, everyone is conscious about the way they look, hence poor-aligned or crooked teeth and jaw can surely affect one’s appearance. However, having crooked, misaligned teeth and jaw is a common problem among people. Only orthodontic treatment can straighten them and give you those perfectly aligned pearly whites and a picture-perfect smile.

If you live in and around Delhi, NCR and are suffering from the above problem, visit Dr Devesh Jain’s Advanced Dental Clinic. We have highly skilled, trained and one of the finest teams of Orthodontists in Ghaziabad. The qualification of our team, experience and approach towards the treatment is commendable. Offering the best dentistry services to people to achieve a beautiful smile and good oral health is the main motto of Dr Devesh Jain and team.

What is an Orthodontist?


Just like many others, even you may have the perception that orthodontists and dentists are one and the same because they treat our dental problems. Well, for your information, both the professions do involve treatment of dental issues but are very distinctive. Orthodontia is a specific kind of dental care and involves different kinds of procedure altogether. Orthodontists treat a very different kind of dental issue and not every other person might need it.

The areas that a dentist focuses and diagnoses problems are related to the mouth, teeth, jaw, nerves and gums. But, the orthodontists are more specialized and mainly focus on teeth and jaw; to be precise straightening of the teeth. In simple terms, all the orthodontists are dentists but only some dentists are orthodontists. So, if you want specialized treatment and are on a look for one of the best Orthodontists in Ghaziabad, you are in the right place.

Now that you know, who and what is an Orthodontist, you should also know what kinds of teeth issues we treat.

Types of Orthodontics problems addressed

  • Crowded teeth – If there are more than the required number of teeth at one place or at the dental ridge
  •  Spaces – If there is space or gap between the teeth, however, it can be because of the teeth which don’t fill-up the mouth or simple missing teeth
  • Open bites – If there is space in between your chewing surfaces of the side or front or both when both the teeth at the back of your mouth bite together
  •  Crossbites – If you are biting on food and your upper front teeth do not lie slightly forward of the front lower teeth
  •  Overbites – If the upper teeth rest outwards or stick out, a little too forward from the lower teeth. It is also called buck teeth
  •  Underbites – If the lower teeth are too forward than the lower teeth or the lower teeth is far back than the upper teeth. The appearance is similar to a bulldog
  •  Crooked teeth – If the teeth are criss-cross

Read to know more about why this treatment is required, what are the procedure and its benefits.

What does our orthodontic treatment involve?

orthodontic treatment

Searching for the best Orthodontic Treatment Vaishali? Dr Devesh Jain’s advanced dental clinic is the place for you. Our qualified team of orthodontists make use of top quality and imported equipment to provide expert service.

Since you have booked an appointment with us, you are already aware of ill-aligned teeth. Your condition will be examined by our expert orthodontic to decide which is the best treatment plan to suit you. Our Orthodontic procedure involves various kinds of appliances, both removable and fixed. These appliances apply mild pressure on your teeth and jaws and help retain the muscles, move teeth and affect the jaw growth.

Braces and Invisalign are very common yet effective appliances used to fix the alignment problems. The result of this procedure is not instant but extremely effective and takes about 9 to 12 months. Depending upon the complexity of your miss-alignment, the orthodontist determines which approach will have the best effect on you.

What are braces?

What are braces

Made of metal, braces comprise bands, brackets or/and wires and is used to straighten the teeth. The bands are affixed around your teeth and are used as anchors for appliances. The brackets are applied on the front side of each tooth. Then the archwires are passed through these brackets and fixed to the bands. As the archwire is tightened slightly, it applies tension on your teeth, thereby moving them into proper alignment.

You will have to visit the doctor every month for tightening of the wire to get desired results. The braces we use are lighter, smaller and contain less metal than when compared to others. Kids can prefer bright colours whereas the adults can get crystal clear braces. We offer the best brace Orthodontic Treatment Vaishali at great prices.

What is Invisalign?

What is Invisalign

Invisalign is another top preferred orthodontic procedure used to straighten the teeth. Unlike metal braces they are crystal clear, custom made to cover your teeth and can be taken off and on. You do not have to worry about people noticing it because they are hardly noticeable.  Invisalign gently pulls all your teeth together and aligns them into a proper position within half the time taken by braces.

Benefits of Orthodontic procedure

  • Straight teeth look attractive, hence, enhances your appearance and builds confidence
  • Eases flossing and brushing routine
  • Keeps dental conditions such as tooth decay, plaque build-up, gingivitis or gum diseases  at bay
  • Corrects impaired speech
  • Enhances the chewing ability of food

Take privilege of our services if you are suffering from teeth alignment problems and are planning to get it treated. Dr Devesh Jain’s Advanced Dental Clinic has an excellent team of Orthodontists in Ghaziabad and is known to provide top-class treatment to all the patients.

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