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Christmas is all about parties, family gatherings, and indulgent treats. Tasty snacks, delicious foods make Christmas the perfect time of the year. Due to excessive sugar consumption, you can face tooth decays, gum disease, cavities, etc. So, it is recommended by experts to keep up with a healthy oral regime this Christmas. Here, we are describing some tips that will assist you in looking after those pearly whites and save them from sugar disasters.

Let’s have a look at the tips that you need to follow –

Eat but in moderation

You need not to completely stop yourself from enjoying the treats of Christmas but practicing modernization can be very helpful. Whether you are enjoying sugary treats, sodas or alcohol, you need to pay extra attention as consumption of such foods can increase the chance of tooth decay and gum disease. To clean your teeth, drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks.

Stick to a routine

Back to a back hangover, late-night parties can really damage your oral health routine so maintaining a routine is very important. Brush twice a day for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste and don’t forget to floss. Besides this, also use a fluoride mouthwash at least two to three times a day.

Never forget to brush

We all better know that Christmas is quite a busy time for all of us so brushing your teeth should not be forgotten. If you get into the habit of not brushing regularly over the whole festive period, you could put your teeth and gums at increased risk of developing problems

Avoid ice-cubes

Chewing on ice could damage healthy tooth enamel and could break teeth – especially if you have any fillings, crowns, or bridges so avoid intake of ice-cubes in all possible forms.

Eat treats in one sitting

If you are continually snacking, your teeth will be under constant attack. The constant exposure to sugar throughout the day can contribute to tooth decay.

Avoid Christmas toffees

If you have any dental restoration then you should avoid toffees, chocolate selection boxes. This is because toffees have the power to pull off dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, bridges, or veneers.

Don’t use teeth as tools

Never use your teeth to crack nuts and never open water bottles with your teeth. Opening bottles with your teeth may seem like a harmless idea, but it can cause serious dental damage. Always use bottle openers to open the bottle.

Avoid consumption of Prosecco

Prosecco is one of the most dentally-damaging drinks. The acid, sugar and alcohol levels in Prosecco can damage your teeth if consumed regularly. Enjoy in moderation and make sure you limit the erosive effects on your tooth enamel by drinking plenty of water in between glasses.

How to maintain healthy teeth?

  • Don’t neglect your oral hygiene. One night of missed brushing won’t significantly affect your teeth but repeated missed bushings will have an impact on your oral health.
  • During festive times try and brush your teeth three times a day and don’t forget to floss at least once a day.
  • Make sure you have a nice new toothbrush.
  • Chew sugarless gum only as they create more saliva production and thus remove harmful acids.
  • Drinking water on a regular basis will also help to wash away harmful acids, and food particles.

If you have a dental emergency over the festive period, please feel free to contact us.

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