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Teeth are more to us than merely body organs or means to chew and swallow our food. They are moreover part of our personality and integral to our smile that leaves an impression of ours on other person. No doubt, loss of teeth due to an injury or aging doesn’t mean us to make distance from our favorite food or lose our smile so easily.

From many treatment available to us to fix our teeth and regain our confidence, flexible dentures are the most popular and the convenient one. There are many other ways to treat a loss of teeth suggested by a dentist like dentures and dental implants. Made up of softer material there are many reasons for a dentist to prefer flexible denture over the regular one.

Preference of Dentures on the Basis of Materials


Dentures are primarily made up of different materials and substances. The most common element used in making up of dentures include porcelain, acrylic resin, nylon and chrome cobalt metal.

In the start of denture making, it was used to produced from porcelain and soon replaced from resin. Being cheaper in cost and having better sticking capacity to the denture base soon it became more popular to resin. Now-a-days, most of the denture bases are made either of acrylic resin or chrome cobalt metal. With advancement and technological improvements dentist now prefer flexible dentures more.

What Caused Flexible Dentures to become Popular over Regular Dentures

Regular dentures are mostly made up of rigid resin or metal base that take time to fixed into the structure of jaw. A person takes time to adjust the dentures in mouth by holding them with the help of cheeks and tongue. Additionally, new dentures most of the time cause soreness and irritation in a mouth in start. Patients take time to get accustomed to the new dentures and take time.

The flexible dentures that are made of nylon are better alternative to regular denture. They are very accommodating option for the patient’s who can’t or don’t want to use regular dentures.

Some of the benefits offered by flexible dentures include:-

benefits offered by flexible dentures

    • Made up of a flexible material like nylon, the flexible dentures have least propensity to become brittle. In case they drop from hands chances are high that they will break hardly.
    • Flexible dentures get easily fixed to the gums and don’t require denture adhesive or metal clasp to keep them at the spot.
    • They are aesthetically clear and let the natural gum or color to be clearly visible.
    • They take lesser time to be manufactured on order in comparison to other natural denture.
    • The biggest advantage offered by a flexible dentures is comfort as they make chewing easier in comparison to wearing regular dentures.
    • They are good option for patients suffering from allergies due to acrylic resin, nickel or other materials in regular dentures.
    • Flexible dentures at the same time are good option for patients who have missing teeth for a long time.
    • They avoid requirement either to change shape or to make room for natural teeth to make room for a metal framework.
    • Aesthetically, they appears to be more appealing on teeth.

Points of Caution Using Flexible Dentures

However, flexible dentures are not perfect in themselves. They are required to be cleaned upon dropping. Their flexible base tend to be more infected from bacterial buildup in comparison to rigid base denture. They are required to be cleaned up every morning with toothbrush and warm water.

But there is no better alternative to replace natural teeth effectively than flexible dentures.

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