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We, Dr. Devesh Jain Advanced Dental Clinic, widely recognized as one of the best dentist in Vaishali Ghaziabad, very delighted and proud to announce that we are now accepting ‘Dentacoin’ as a mode of payment for our world-standard dental services. 

We are pretty sure that, with this notable step, we are setting new benchmarks for using blockchain in the dental industry. Also, we are eagerly looking forward to contributing our part in the growth of blockchain-powered usages.

We strongly believe that Dentacoin’s adoption will offer great benefits. With the help of it, we are aiming to improve our payment process to enhance our efficiency. Also, we are getting ready for offering the next-Gen patient experience.

About our prestigious Dr. Devesh Jain Advanced Dental Clinic

Our dental clinic is regarded as the most tech-advanced dentist in Vaishali. We offer top-notch dental treatments for the people located in and around Vaishali under the leadership of Dr. Devesh Jain. Our team of highly qualified dentists is well-known for serving the best treatment for patients with all the ages.

Our,  Advanced Dental Clinic’s exclusive range of dental treatments includes:

We as the best dentist in Vaishali, are committed to offering high-standard above-mentioned dental treatments. We make use of use of the latest technology and dental equipments for this. Also, our customers highly admire our dental care since they are painless and secure.

Since its start in 1999, our clinic focused on providing specialized dental treatments for the people of Ghaziabad. It has 3 well-equipped branches located in Vaishali, Vasundhara, and Indirapuram. Further, with over 20 years of experience in the dental care industry, our clinic is the best dentist in Vaishali.

Why our Dr. Devesh Jain Advanced Dental Clinic is the top-rated dentist in Vaishali?

  • World-class infrastructure
  • Low-cost dental care treatments
  • Highly qualified team of dentists
  • Comfortable clinic setting
  • Supportive and helping staff
  • Easily accessible locations
  • Tie-ups with health insurance firms
  • Ample parking space
  • Accurate accessing of dental issues
  • Hygienic dental care with a personal touch

With compassion and empathy, we create a painless treatment experience for our patients. We make use of ultra-modern equipments and tools for this purpose. 

A forward step with Dentacoin


Viewing the opportunities of blockchain technology in the field of dentistry, our clinic now started to accept ‘Dentacoin’ as payment. This Dentacoin is specially designed for the dental market. It has a large network across the world involving the people associated with the dental care industry. For instance, dentists, patients, suppliers, dental clinics, dental laboratories, and other service agencies.  

The Avant-grade blockchain infrastructure of ‘Dantacoin’ ensures secure financial transactions across the network. It offers many advantages such as

  • Affordable dental treatments for patients with discounts and low-monthly premiums  
  • Life-long preventive care for patients at reasonable monthly fees
  • Extra income for dentists for active usage of Dentacoin tools
  • Direct communication between patient and dentist
  • Quick accessing of patient’s health info and insurance data. 

Thus, make an appointment with our highly experienced and well-trained team of dentists. We, at Dr. Devesh Jain Advanced Dental Clinic, offer very effective and fair-priced dental treatments. All these treatments will be extremely customizable to tackle your specific dental problem. Besides, we also make sure that you get benefited from long-term health and monetary perks.    

So, visit our dental clinic – one of the best dentist in Vaishali Ghaziabad to experience an amazing patient’s journey. Trust us as we are best in creating great smiles!!! 

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