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Diwali Dental Tips

Do you love gulab jamun, ras malai, kulfi? If you are concerned about your dental health then doctors advise you to avoid sweets. Well, you can eat anything that you want without making any compromise but you have to follow some dental tips which we are going to describe in this write-up. Indian festivals not only popular because of their celebration but also for a wide variety of sweets. It is impossible to prevent yourself from having sweets and desserts, especially when it is Diwali. So, it is important to protect your sweet tooth from eventual cavities. Just by following a simple routine, you can keep cavities and dental problems at bay. If you are dealing with any kind of concern with your teeth then visit Dr. Devesh Jain Dental Clinic without making any delay.

How do sweets affect our dental health?

The tenacity and sugar in the desserts are the issues and that prompts the tooth rot. Most occasions, flushing the mouth isn’t adequate to dispose of the clingy sugary stays in the mouth. The desserts that we eat stall out in the middle of teeth or between the gums and teeth. Over some time, the nourishment particles which are in steady contact with the salivation in our mouth turns into the living house for the germs. This is responsible for the development of an oxygen-less condition and the saliva becomes acidic causing tooth rot.

Follow these Festivals Diwali Dental Tips properly –

1) Festivals are incomplete without sweets and chocolates hence they are the integral part of celebrations. You can eat your favorite sweets but you have to brush two times in a day. Don’t forget to floss as well.

2) The most common dental problem that occur due to sweets is tooth sensitivity and dental pain. So, you have to choose wisely what are you eating.

3) If you wear braces then you have to be more cautious as sweets can get stuck in your braces.

4) Brushing helps you to keep germs away from your teeth and gums. If you want to keep your smile safe during the festive season then don’t treat your teeth as tools, just brush your teeth twice.

5) During festivals, we decorate our house, and while decorating, many a time we use our teeth as tools to peel a wire, untie knots etc, which harms our teeth. When you use your teeth as tools, you’re not only damaging your teeth, but also putting yourself in life-threatening risks. That is why care for teeth is extremely important during festivities.

6)It’s not feasible to brush after every meal, but you can have a glass of water after munching on snacks and sweets. A glass of water after eating sweets helps wash away the remnants of food from your teeth thus protecting them from decay.

7) You may chew upon Sugar-free gums after eating sweets as the sugar-free gum helps in cleaning the mouth and increase saliva flow. Increased saliva flow increases our ability to fight bacteria and avoid cavities.

8) Take special care of your children as they will in general skip brushing during festivities. Remind them to brush and floss in the morning and sleep time. Request that they wash after eating desserts. To inspire them to brush, simply get them a toothbrush of their preferred character.

A visit to Dr. Devesh Jain Dental Clinic after the festive season for a cleanup or a cavity check will incur minimum costs but would save you from maximum expenditure in the future.

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