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Daily brushing and flossing are some of the most important tasks of maintaining oral health. Besides this, a regular dental check-up is important because they help keep your teeth and gums healthy. It might be possible that you are not experiencing any kind of dental concern, still, you should have a regular dental visit at least every 6 months or as recommended by your dental professional. Read the full write-up and know everything about dental check-ups.

What to expect Dental Check-up:-

Cleaning and polishing

In this process, the dentist will use an ultrasonic dental instrument to scrape and remove the tartar from your teeth. After this, the dentist will polish your teeth with a rotating rubber cup or brush, to remove any remaining plaque or stains. Once your teeth have been cleaned then the dentist will perform a quick teeth check-up, examine your gums and discuss overall oral health with you.


Once cleaning is done, your dentist will discuss dental problems with you that were detected and show you how to brush or floss in an effective manner.


The dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth and examine everything effectively. Besides this, the dentist will also use a special probe to measure the pockets between your teeth and gums to get a clear view of the sides and back of your teeth.


At some of your dental visits, your dentist may decide to take X-rays of your teeth to look for gum disease, decay or other dental problems.

Tips to get more out of your dental checkup –

Oral health is closely related to your overall health so you should not ignore any kind of concern related to your teeth.

a) You should tell your dentist about the health problems you have been diagnosed with since your last visit.

b) You should also make a list of medications and supplements you take. Show this list to your dentist so that he/she can review it and prescribe you better options.

c) If you are suffering from dental anxiety, you should discuss it with your dentist.

d) Talk with your dentist about the problems you have noticed with your teeth, gums or inside of your mouth. The earlier your dentist knows about your pain, the earlier he/she can diagnose or treat it.

Why visiting dentist in every 6 months is a good decision –

1) Prevent plaque

Plaque is a sticky deposit that is full of harmful bacteria and clings to your teeth. When plaque builds up it causes discoloration of the teeth, tooth decay, and gum problems. Visiting a dentist every six months can leave your teeth clean and healthy and prevent these complications.

2) Prevent tooth decay

Dentists can quickly diagnose tooth decay. When the cavities are small, they are very easy to fix. By delaying your visit, smaller cavities will enlarge and eventually lead to Root Canal Treatment, Crowns and even loss of your teeth.

3) Stop gum disease

Dentists can stop the first sign of gum disease before it becomes a serious complication. If left untreated it could cause pain, swelling, bone loss, shaky teeth, and eventually loss of teeth.

4) Save money

Identifying oral problems early saves you more in costs associated with dental treatment in the long run. Regular care and maintenance of your teeth reduce the chances of you developing complicated conditions.

5) Improve your smile

We have a number of treatments available during your routine checkups that would whiten, brighten, straighten and clean your teeth to give you that million-dollar smile!

Contact our dental clinic if you want to know more about your dental health.

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